Wholesale Energy Basket

Our Wholesale Energy Baskets (WEB)

Taking advantage of volume discounts through a wholesale basket approach is easy when you allow Utility SwopShop to negotiate on your behalf.

You benefit from the volumes that we place with suppliers into our wholesale energy baskets. Grouping companies consumption volumes together is the simplest way to pass on group discounts, so whether you are a small retailer, manufacturer or multi-site property portfolio you can relax knowing that you have taken advantage of the group volume basket approach that Utility SwopShop execute on your behalf.

The results speak for themselves…

With WEB you can secure prices up to 24 months in advance of your Contract End Date (CED)

  • Entry into our Q1 – Q4 baskets – we provide you forward purchase prices but these must be accepted within short deadlines to secure the rates.
  • Volume discounts for multiple sites – it’s your own supply contract backed by prices that have been negotiated based on larger group volumes.
  • Price security – locking in fixed rates for the next 1-5 years means it’s easy to plan for the future.
  • Fixed Price Contracts – in a rising market the benefits of fixed price contracting speak for itself. Take advantage before the markets rise considerably.


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