About us

Utility SwopShop was formed in 2014 with a vision to bring visibility, transparency and open energy supply contract trading to the UK utility brokering market place.

The management team behind the business have in excess of 40 years between them in the energy and procurement sectors.

At Utility SwopShop the essence of our brand is simple:

“Our energy is focused on our clients”.

…which means, we concentrate on what is important.

We want to look after organisations by simply making sure that they get the best price available to them. We do this through continually monitoring the markets and supplier rates, pricing automation and through volume buying via the wholesale energy market.

Find out more about why people work with us

We manage the whole process for you, from Invoice audit through to contract closure and on-going monitoring

Our code of practice



Our partners deliver compliance solutions! Using the very latest software platforms allows mandatory and voluntary compliance reporting at a fraction of the cost you would pay a consultant.


TPI Code Of Practice

At Utility SwopShop we take the TPI Code of Practice very seriously and deliver our services with transparency and visibility at each step of the switching process.


Energy Procurement Consultants

To speak directly with a Utility SwopShop Energy Procurement Consultants just drop us an email and we will call you back.


We know what we are good at and have decided to focus on the services that deliver the greatest value to our customers

  • Utility Procurement – gas, electricity and water supply contracts.
  • Green Procurement Consultancy – sourcing renewable energy, off-setting footprints, carbon neutrality and delivering strategies to help meet the UK’s low carbon vision and commitments.

Please feel free to contact our management team and discuss the services that are important to your business.