Lancashire Energy Club

What is the Lancashire Energy Club (LEC)?

The Lancashire Energy Club is for both business and residential property owners that have properties or premises within the Lancashire post code boundary. It’s a reward scheme run by the Utility SwopShop that gives vouchers back to new and existing customers.

So, do you want to...

Support Lancashire Business

Get fantastic discounts and savings

Save EVEN MORE on energy!

Get all this for FREE. No catches…

What's in it for you?

First of all, its about knowing that you are getting a great deal right?

Secondly it’s about keeping business in the community. So we have teamed up with local restaurants and we offer a reward service that gives you something back.

Depending on the number of properties you own, your electricity and/or gas consumption, you could get up to £200 in vouchers to spend at local restaurants in Lancashire. The bigger your energy bill, the higher the voucher value.

How it works...

We take the hard work out of switching your energy supplier. Just upload us copies of your latest bills below and we will get in touch.

There is no catch and no fee to pay…

Send us your latest invoice or simply tell us what your current energy tariff is, and we’ll tell you if you’re overpaying. Then, as many tariffs are only attractive in the short-term, we’ll monitor the market and email you the savings that can be achieved. Once we switch your supply over to the new contract and it goes live we will send you the vouchers and you enjoy.

And all this for free – we’ll never charge you for using the Lancashire Energy Club.

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    Are you interested in saving money with the Lancashire Energy Club?

    Just fill out this form and upload a copy of your latest bill and we will be in touch.

    You might be asking yourself, why are we launching the Lancashire Energy Club?

    For a very simple reason, we are a local business and we want to help our community. The Utility SwopShop have been shouting about when to switch energy (and when not to) for over 5 years now and 100’s of businesses have benefitted from using our service, but we want to help more businesses save and get great deals and at the same time give some rewards back to the local community.

    So, you’ve inspired us, and we have the tools to deliver a great service and at the same time strip out all the effort for you. We’ll hold your hand through the process and make sure you’re ALWAYS on the best tariff so you’re CONSTANTLY getting great prices (it’s different for everyone).

    The difference between standard variable tariffs and fixed price contracts can be significant, meaning you save, and get rewarded for doing so. We typically save between 8-20% on tariffs against standard variable rates.