The UK Supports Global Net-Zero Future with International Project

The ‘Visions for a Net Zero Future’ project has been announced by the UK to support a global transition to net-zero by bringing together regional communities.

The UK COP26 Presidency has announced a new global collaboration project called ‘Visions for a Net Zero Future’ to help nations envision a net-zero world. This will bring together academics, business, civil society and citizens to review approaches to deliver carbon neutrality in our global community.

‘Visions for a Net Zero Future’ will develop 6, academic driven, visions that each target a different region. These will include the UK, Jamaica, Brazil, Kenya, UAE, Saudi Arabia and India. Each region will have their academic representation and will be led by Deloitte, the global provider of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory and risk advisory.

Climate Change and Sustainability Partner at Deloitte, Hanna Routh, said:

“The COP26 visions will help to encourage bold climate commitments as well as action, as we move towards a climate-resilient, net-zero future. In the run-up to COP26 and beyond, it’s incredibly important that we take a science-led, collaborative approach by involving the public, business and governments in conversations about how to reach our climate goals.

This, in turn, provides decision-makers across the globe with the resources and support needed to accelerate climate policy.”

Looking at each region, the project will address the issues such as electricity generation, building design and environmental conservation. As well as addressing issues, the project also aims to promote the benefits of making transitions towards net-zero goals. These include health benefits, especially in heavily industrialised regions, and economic growth, through creating job opportunities and finding cheaper energy sources.

Group members will consist of a variety of young people, rural communities, businesses, government and more. The project will be communicated through virtual workshops where members collaborate to share ideas, perspectives, solutions and evidence towards the future of their region’s net-zero goals.

The visions, produced from this project, will be presented before the COP26 Summit in November and will guide each region to remain resilient to climate change by accelerating their net-zero efforts. The UK is a leading nation in the clean transition and has shown that we can simultaneously grow economies whilst reducing our carbon emissions.

The UK was the first major economic nation to pledge net-zero by making it law by 2050. This ambitious target has resulted in several roadmaps and policies that are changing the way we produce and consume energy in the UK. Statistics have shown that the UK economy has grown by almost 80% in the last 30 years whilst emissions have decreased by almost 45%. The project provides a further example of the UK’s commitment to net-zero and aid to nations by supporting them through this significant transition.

COP26 President-Designate, Alok Sharma, said:

“The science is clear that to avoid the worst effects of climate change, we need to put the world on a path to net-zero emissions by the middle of the century.

This wonderfully innovative project will help communities around the world visualise how they can help achieve this and inspire the concrete action we need to keep that crucial 1.5C goal within sight ahead of COP26.”

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