The UK aim for limitless clean energy via fusion power plant

The UK aim for limitless clean energy via fusion power plant

As part of the UK Governments ‘Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution’, under point ten, they aim to make an ambitious push towards being the world’s first country to commercialise the use of fusion energy. This vision will create the first commercial fusion power plant within the world by 2040 and there is already a huge investment of £222 million from the government. This will be a source of clean energy which will create more jobs within the UK supporting low carbon approaches to the energy industry.

Fusion energy is created when atoms collide and fuse together which is caused when they are heated at extreme temperatures. This is the energy source of our sun and stars within the universe. This is a very hard process to control which is why it is not yet a viable energy source for commercial use.


The government has invited local communities over the UK to propose to host for this prototype power plant and be a hub for STEP (Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production). These communities need to show that their area is suitable for the production of the plant and have until March 2021 to submit their proposals.

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