The IFA2 UK-France Interconnector is Operational

The 1GW IFA2 (Interconnexion France-Angleterre 2) is the 2nd interconnector linking the UK and France which is capable of providing power to a million UK homes.

After a 2 year long construction, the IFA2 is the 2nd interconnector to be installed from the UK to France and is now operating at full capacity, overcoming the challenges of the current pandemic. This will provide low-carbon electricity to the UK which is part of our step to becoming net-zero and builds the UK’s portfolio of interconnectors.

The interconnector is a 149 mile long high-voltage cable that runs along the bottom of the sea which will be used to share excess low-carbon electricity to contribute to the net-zero goals. It has a 1GW or 1,000-megawatt capacity which is capable of powering 1 million homes and the potential to meet over 1% of UK power demand.

It is estimated that the cable will have reduced the amount of CO2 within our atmosphere, within its first year, by 1.2 million tons as we can use the excess clean energy from France instead of generating more through fossil fuels. Combined with the existing interconnectors, BritNed and Nemo, the IFA and IFA2 are estimated to save over 100 million tons of CO2 between 2020 and 2030 with the assistance from the construction of two additional links to Norway (North Sea Link) and Denmark (Viking Link).

Construction for this ambitious installation began in 2018, taking 2 years to construct, despite facing challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic which put many restrictions in such as social distancing affecting the workforce. Throughout its construction, the project has seen over 1,000 engineers put in a combined 3 million+ hours for its completion.

National Grid Ventures Head of Interconnections, Zac Richardson, said:

“The construction and operations team, together with our supply chain, have done an incredible job over the last few months to get us to this point – and all during a pandemic, which has meant the team having to work within significant social distancing restrictions on site.”

More information is available by speaking to Jason Thackray on 0333 9000 246 or email :