SSE Business Energy’s Green Gas Support

As the UK transitions to a net-zero future, it is important for businesses to contribute to the carbon-reducing targets and switch to renewable sources of energy. This is why SSE is reaching out to help business by offering more affordable formats of green energy. They have launched a set of new products that are business budget-friendly by understanding that the cost for 100% green energy is not within all budgets. These include:

SSE Green Gas – 25% renewable gas with the remaining 75% coming from carbon-neutral gas that is supported by carbon offsets.

SSE Green Gas Plus – 100% renewable gas for businesses with large budgets for their energy and wanting to go the extra mile contributing to net-zero.

Their Green Gas products allow for consumers to access green energy in a more affordable format which opens up the potential to reduce their carbon emissions, meet the UK net-zero targets and increase their social value.

Consuming energy generated from a green source demonstrates your commitment to adding social value to your community and by choosing SSE’s Green Gas you will receive a certificate and logo that is specially designed to showcase your sustainable energy commitment. These products are also backed by Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin and Biomethane Certificates to authenticate the source.

How is Green Gas Produced?

We can produce gas through natural sources by anaerobic digestion, the process of using bacteria to break down organic material, which is known as green gas. When a bacterium is used to break down the organic material, such as food, it releases biogas.

Biogas is carbon neutral and comes from a renewable source, compared to traditional methods of burning decomposed animals and plant which is also known as a fossil fuel. Fossil fuels produce a lot of carbon dioxide that has been stored over millions of years and we release them when we burn it to produce energy. When we burn biogas it only releases the same amount of carbon it consumed when it was a plant so it does not add more carbon into the atmosphere.

With the UK net-zero targets approaching, we will see a large increase in the consumption of green gas to take over from fossil fuels and Utility SwopShop are excited to see the products offered by SSE to help business in this change. We look forward to seeing the progress of green energy over the next few years and see exciting innovations.

More information is available by speaking to Jason Thackray on 0333 9000 246 or email :