Scotland Meets 90% of Electricity Demand with Renewables

Scotland Meets 90% of Electricity Demand with Renewables

Official figures have shown that Scotland produced enough renewable energy in 2019 to meet 90% of its demand for electricity which is a 13.4% increase from 2018 figures.

Scotland has shown their dedication to becoming a part of the future with large investments into renewable energy which can amount to 90.1% of their electricity demand. By the end of 2020, they have ambitious plans to meet that 100% figure and data will be published regarding that information later on in the New Year.

The Scottish government has set targets of their own to propel Scotland into a sustainable future and hope that by 2030 their renewable sources can account for up to 50% of their energy demand in electricity, heating solutions, and transportation. These targets are all amounting to becoming a net-zero country and to set a leading example in environmental protection.

However, making such a big change to how we produce and consume energy can be a long, challenging and exhausting process. Some of the biggest factors contributing to carbon-dioxide include transport and farming which are accounting for around 75% of emissions. Reducing these factors is going to be a big hurdle as the public is being asked to reduce the use of their vehicles and to swap to electric or public transport which not everyone can or is willing to do. There also has to be a transition that can protect the jobs of farmers and workers within the fossil fuel industry so that they can protect their livelihoods.

We look forward to seeing new figures published by Scotland to monitor and celebrate their renewable energy achievements and hope that they can tackle the hurdles of becoming net-zero.

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