Renewable Energy Specialist Appointed Export Finance Manager for UKEF

Renewable Energy Specialist Appointed Export Finance Manager for UKEF

The UK Export Finance has appointed Rachel Ashley, a renewable energy expert, as finance manager to focus on UK low-carbon, net-zero energy goals, and support our renewable exports.

Rachel Ashley will have an important role in supporting energy companies within the North of England to secure the finance necessary for their export contracts and to connect them to the UKEF’s network of international trade experts.

The Export Finance Manager supports and credits the North for innovation and says:

“The North has a global reputation for innovation and excellence in the energy sector dating back to the Industrial Revolution. It is now fitting that it is at the forefront of a green energy revolution. Home to the world’s largest Offshore Wind Farm and with easy access to a growing pipeline of North Sea renewable energy opportunities, the North is ideally positioned to meet the growing demand for renewable energy overseas. I want to help Northern companies tap into that potential and continue to strengthen their position on the world stage.”

The North of England is already home to great green, innovating projects within the energy industry as previously referenced to such as the Nissan electric vehicle development in Sunderland and Smart Grid Centre in Newcastle. The expertise within these areas is to play an important role in exporting clean energy to the global market to increase the presents in global energy capacity, as renewable currently account for around a third of capacity.

The UKEF has also allocated £2 billion to be used as finance to support energy companies in green projects and exports. Rachel Ashley will use this fund and her expert knowledge to support the energy businesses within the North of England through the whole process of procuring and fulfilling export contracts.

More information is available by speaking to Jason Thackray on 0333 9000 246 or email :