REA’s Response to the UK 2035 Net-Zero Power System Plan

The REA welcomes the much needed, updated and increased pace to achieving net-zero, however, could it be achieved quicker?

The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) has welcomed the Government’s commitment towards net-zero by decarbonising the UK electricity systems by 2035. The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy announced that the previous 2050 target to decarbonise the grid would be shortened by 15 years on October 7th 2021. Although, the REA highlights that, with the appropriate support, this goal could be achieved as soon as 2032.

The strategy to achieve a clean energy system and reach the net-zero target by 2050 was previously published on December 14th 2020 in a white paper that built on the Prime Minister’s Ten-Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. With an updated 2035 deadline, the new strategy will focus on reducing fossil fuel and global wholesale reliance through secure, home-grown energy sources.

However, the association has highlighted that a net-zero grid could be achieved by 2032, as mentioned in their published strategy. Some key statistics in the REA strategy outline:

  • By 2030, biodegradable wastes could be effectively separated and non-waste materials could be put to the highest potential value of reuse with complete elimination of food and garden waste from landfills.
  • By 2022, 50% of energy generation could be provided by renewable sources and, by 2032, this would increase to 100%.
  • By 2035, renewable sources and clean technologies could have a majority share in the heat and cooling and transport sectors, with complete demand being met by 2050.

In the upcoming updated Government net-zero strategy, the REA encourages that they include detailed policies that can support the rapid deployment of renewable and clean technologies. To electrify key industries and swap sources of fuel in industries such as transport or heating and cooling the Government must be decisive and quick to respond.

Chief Executive at the REA says:

“We look forward to receiving the upcoming Net Zero Strategy in the coming weeks and hope that it will provide detailed and wide-ranging support for all renewables and clean technologies.

However, we believe that the Government could be even bolder in its ambitions, with our Strategy setting out a plan which could see a Net Zero grid delivered by 2032. There is an urgent need to electrify significant proportions of heat and transport quickly and decisively, and there is much more work to do to increase grid flexibility to support the energy transition.”

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