National Grid ESO Forecasts Safe and Secure Energy Summer Outlook

In their latest annual Summer Outlook report, the national grid ESO has forecasted a secure energy outlook despite ongoing threats to global supplies.

With the ongoing global energy crisis, the ESO has taken additional analyses and scenarios to forecast the UK’s energy security as accurately as possible entering the summer period. There will also be an early winter outlook published in July as we closely monitor supply and demand.

The report highlights that peak demand and reserve requirements are expected to be met at all times during the summer 2022 period without relying on European imports. Minimum demands are due to be slightly lower than in previous years, while maximum demands are due to be higher than in previous years due to COVID-19 impacted data.

Demand is seasonably low in the summer period, and so the ESO expects similar patterns to last summer. Despite low demand forecasts, high prices are expected to remain across the season.

ESO Executive Director, Fintan Slye, said:

“Our analysis shows we have the right tools and services available to provide a safe, reliable and secure supply of electricity this summer.

We continue to work with Government, Ofgem and industry stakeholders to manage our electricity system effectively and efficiently, with the right plans and resilience to deal with emerging issues, whilst building tomorrow’s cleaner, greener and fairer system.”

We will also see new stability and pre-fault frequency services introduced this summer to aid system management and reduce consumer costs. Earlier this year, the ESO gave the green light to renewable generators to provide support services.

The National Grid Gas Transmission has also published a separate report on the Summer Outlook Report 2022. The key messages are similar to the electricity report as there are expected to be sufficient supplies to meet UK demand in the summer.

For more information, please view the National Grid ESO’s Summer Outlook and National Grid Gas Transmission’s Gas Summer Outlook.

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