Jet Zero Council Launch £15 Million Competition

The industry-government partnership, Jet Zero, launch a £15 Million competition to incentivise innovation in green fuels making a step towards zero-emission flights.

The competition, Green Fuel Green Skies, has been in the process of launching following the announcement of a net-zero revolution for the aviation industry announced in the Prime Ministers ‘Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. This will make a £15 million fund available to UK companies working on projects to transform the industry with sustainable fuels.

The Jet Zero industry-government partnership has delivered this competition fund through their second meeting and will be focusing on connecting more of the industry to revolutionise passenger flight travel. They will be the key force to ensure the policy and framework is in place to deliver the net-zero ambitions by 2050 with industry leaders.

The aim is to make sustainable fuel from waste material consumed by households such as foods and utilise their excess electricity for production. This promotes a sustainable model and means that we can make fuels that give off fewer carbon emissions when burned.

This competition will bring aviation closer to the net-zero revolution by providing alternative fuels capable of lower carbon emissions and therefore greener flights. They will also make use of what would otherwise be general household waste which further benefits a sustainable future.

Statistics have shown that there is a 70% reduction in emissions that could be made through the use of sustainable fuel over traditional fuel in jet engines and that the economy can benefit from over 11,500 jobs within the industry.

Companies that wish to pioneer the industry with green projects can bid for shares of the fund to develop their ideas into practical use by producing plants capable of scaling. Emma Gilthorpe, ECO of the partnership, will promote the group throughout the industry and bring leaders together to further boost the progress towards decarbonisation.

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, said:

“As the aviation sector emerges out of the pandemic and looks towards recovery over the coming months, we must put our environmental commitments at the centre of everything we do – so not only do we build back better, we also build back greener.”

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