Green Energy Bought by Businesses Grew 18% in 2020

Green energy has its most popular year yet with a record number of businesses purchasing green energy that totalled 23.7GW which is and 18% increase from 2019’s 20.1GW.

Despite many changes and challenges that were caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that threatened the financial security of businesses, it is a record year for green energy purchases in business sectors. It is found that over 130 businesses from different sectors were sighing energy contracts, expressing the interest in business energy sustainability and accessibility, among these sectors included tech giants and oil / gas companies.

Many of these contracts came from African, European and Middle Eastern countries as these regions raised their 2019 figure of 2.6GW to 7.2GW in 2020, tripling their procurement. Many areas in Europe are geographically great for green energy production such as Spain where they have a large natural resource inventory.

The largest purchaser of green energy in 2020 goes to Amazon who has a heavy focus on their sustainability and environmental protection. They alone bought 5.1GW of energy which brings their overall total to 7.5GW making them the world’s largest purchaser of green energy in history. This is a great incentive for other business to follow in the steps of the e-commerce giant and start contributing to global sustainability.

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