Electric Vehicles Could Help Save The National Grid £900 million

Electric Vehicles Could Help Save The National Grid £900 million

The National Grid could be supported by electric vehicle batteries in Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology and potentially reduce the costs of running it by £900 million while your electric vehicle plays the energy market.

The use of bi-directional or Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology in electric vehicles has recently been explored and discussed in A White Paper publish which was the result of the collaboration of large scale electric vehicle manufacturer, Nissan, E.ON Drive and the Imperial College of London. This technology has been put in the spotlight for it capability to reduce emissions and achieve the climate change goals within the UK.

The paper provides sufficient recommendations for supporting incentives to boost the adaptation of the technology in EVs (Electric Vehicles) and charging networks. These incentives would increase the number of V2G points in the UK and the technologies potential in saving money and reducing emissions.

What is V2G Technology?

Vehicle-to-Grid technology allows for a bi-directional or two-way flow of electricity from your EVs batteries so their charge can be sold back into the grid when prices are high due to demand. At the same time, it can charge you batteries and buy electricity when the cost is low due to low demand and high generation. This allows for higher clean electricity capacity into the grid and reduces the use of fossil fuels.

This means that your EV is playing the energy market while it is plugged into a V2G system. Buying low, selling high.

Potential Benefits of V2G Technology:

  • Carbon emission reduction as much as 243gCO2/km
  • The Nation Grid system costs savings as much as £900 million a year or £12,000 per EV
  • Increased progress to UK net-zero targets

Read more about V2G on the White Paper publish:

The Drive Towards A Low-Carbon Grid Whitepaper

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