Customer Protection Key to Decarbonises and Reduce System Costs of Energy

The risk registers for Domestic Demand Side (DSR) response has been developed by Citizens Advice, Energy UK, and Association of Decentralised Energy to provide incentives for people to change how they use energy.

The register for the domestic DSR was developed to help consumers utilise its full potential and help to reduce the system’s costs of the grid and reduce the emissions from generation. The report details how consumers will benefit from DSR as industry consumers do through how they travel, heat their homes, and use energy.

The decarbonisation of everyday life will mean we will use more electrical substitutes which lead to more consumption of electricity and demand increases. However, this offers the ability to control how much you pay for that electricity; for example, if you are consuming when green generation is high you are helping the grid balance and be cost-effective which in effect reduces the cost of electricity.

This service is being adopted by more companies to allow their customers to manage how and when they use their electricity with smart meters but is not yet available to all customers. The vision of Citizens Advice is to make this available to all consumers so that you are in control of getting a fair price.

The Head of Policy at ADE, Caroline Bragg, said:

“For households, flexibility offers the opportunity of great customer service and earning money from the energy system, not just paying towards it. For the system, domestic-level flexibility, with broader flexibility from business, offers the only way to reach net zero without breaking the bank.

Domestic flexibility is still very nascent in the UK but it will, and indeed needs to, take off in the next few years. As the industry grows, it’s crucial that we continue to deliver consistently good customer outcomes.”

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